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100205 Chin Chin Radio – SNSD

Credit: thicindy @ youtube

Tiffany looks so hyper (: I feel bad for the cameraman who don’t know who’s singing next. We get a lot of shots of Tiffany though. I feel bad for the rest of the room ): I don’t see Sooyoung in the video. Yuri’s cracking up so much cause Hyo messed up on her lines.

“Day by day” Jessica, Tiffany and Seohyun ! Tae didn’t sing live because she’s super sick ): I think the lyrics were changed as well. Yoona and Hyo messing with Jessica at the end.

“Talk to me” another JeTi duet. The song is so soothing. I think Yuri even slept haha.

Posted by: blooeyblooh | 2010/02/05

U-Kiss – “Round and Round” Explicit Version

Credit: lubi0tunez @ youtube

I hope this is really dirty (:

We get flashes of their skin in tattoos. Is that really explicit? There’s a lot of things spinning around them lol. I’m getting dizzy. The rest is  like the same music video as the clean version. Kevin looks really good in the white outfit. lol Eli’s lines are really funny “you make me tingle tingle” :)

Posted by: blooeyblooh | 2010/02/05

U-Kiss – “Round and Round” Clean Version

Credit: kpopfun2 @ youtube

Two version to this song :)

I love Kevin’s new brown hair. I’m glad he got rid of the long blonde hair. Eli’s little thing on his eyebrows look like piercings D: I love Kevin’s lines the most, “I just want you here right now, now, now.” I actually like the choreo. It doesn’t copy anyone else’s. Ki Seop doesn’t get any lines or much screen time ): poor guy.

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100205 Music Bank

U-Kiss (Round and Round) – U-Kiss comeback !!!

I’m so excited, I can’t wait to push the play button. I didn’t get to watch the mv before watching the live so I have no clue.  Kevin’s hair, ahhhhh he cut it and now it looks like my hair. The stage is so bright and flashy. Kevin’s so hot ahhh, I love the binggeul binggeul moments ! Eli’s hair reminds me of Taec’s now. Ahhh Dongho’s hair is blonde now! Alexander’s hair looks like Key’s haha.

Congrats to SNSD for winning this week :)

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J feat GO – “I can’t tell you the End”

Credit: absolutelymblaq @ youtube

I didn’t remember what her name was till I youtubed the song she sang with Alex !

She has such amazing vocals but she’s so underrated D: I hope she gets to sing this live with him though. Hairy boy has such an amazing soft voice, it’s so weird to know that he’s such a dork in reality :)

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