Posted by: blooeyblooh | 2009/11/30

091129 Inkigayo

2PM (Heartbeat) – They did a really good job. I kind of thought that background was kind of related to Taec, if ya know what I mean =/

Besides that; I felt they did really well. Inki’s cameraman should get paid alot. I especially love the closeups he does. Or maybe she (: Wooyoung’s face close up blew me away <3 Chansung’s moves still make me rack up. The fans do go crazy though. Haha, they dance amazingly portraying zombies. I find the fan chants louder every time.

The ending, AHHHHHHH :DDDD. It should be like that every performance. I don’t care if I’ll get a nosebleed everytime :)

2PM Winning – They were up against a lot of people, so tough competition :) Good they won though because they really deserve it. Haha, Taec. Chansung climbed onto Wooyoung’s back hehe. Most importantly, he’s smiling. Of course they thank Jay. LMAO CHANSUNG <33 Haha they pull Kim Tae Woo and Beast wit em. I just love their love :)

SHINee (Ring Ding Dong) – They look extremely tired. No one’s really smiling except Minho at some parts. Jonghyun and Onew are slow, and they’re messing up alot =/ I’m glad they tried their best. Taemin not being there, sorta made the group all blehhh too. I hope they get some rest :)

SS501 (Love like This) Goodbye Stage – Last performance of this song ever ): I kind of thought it wasn’t a very long promotion and now they’re already leaving ;_________________; I don’t see any pics and stuff before the song saying goodbye stage. ): I’m glad they’re wearing acceptable clothes. They weren’t even on alot of variety shows T_____T wthhh, i hate this. I liked everything though. They did a really good job, I’ll forever remember this ♥

After School (When I fall + Because of You) – I like the first song (: Wow, there’s like a billion of girls on stage. I love Gahee’s raps. I kind of didn’t pay attention to it in previous songs but I really love it. When they’re all covering their eyes, that’s pretty cool. The main girl singing during the chorus has a nice voice. I love their outfits.

Beast (Bad Girl) – Their clothing is all pimped out. The remix sounds good (: The remix makes everything sound more upbeat. Yoseob omg, his hair is so cute. I LOVE MY MAGNAE AND LEADER INTERACTION <3 The dance break was pretty tight. OMFG, notice at 2 : 50 Jun Hyung makes a ‘juliette’ and slaps her ass.

Taeyang (Wedding Dress) – His pose is so hot, I like what he’s wearing too. He does a good job singing his parts live. I can somehow listen to this song forever and never get tired of it. I bet people who don’t dig kpop will still love it.

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