Posted by: blooeyblooh | 2009/12/03

091202 After School @ SeoKyung Seok Music Show Radio

Because of You – So many people now :) I love their blonde hair especially the new member’s hair. She doesn’t get a lot of lines though ): I don’t like the way they split the lines cause some of the members barely sing D: Some look bored lol. The only person really doing more than that is the leader lol. She looks into it. I’m glad the rapper after her stood up :) she’s so cute. I don’t even know their names, I’m such a fail -__________-

When I fall – They don’t get to sing but they get be such dorks…lol notice all the girls in the back, they’re all swaying. The people in the front seem to pay more attention.

Raina’s Solo – Lol Chris Brown’s song so I was expecting some engrish keke. I hope she doesn’t turn into the main person in the group, I want more that blonde girl’s parts ):

Anyways, she did a good job though..but since it’s a guy’s song it was kind of loling to hear. I have to admit she has a really good voice.

Diva – I thought they weren’t going to sing it live. I’m so happy they did. Even the new members learned they dance :)))) Brings back good memories (: My fave blonde girl does the girl who left parts. Did that make sense?? lol


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