Posted by: blooeyblooh | 2009/12/03

091202 DBSK @ FNS Music Festival

Credit: naitome87 @ youtube

Finally they’re performing together :)))))

Opening 1 , Opening 2 , Interview

Their first song is Rainy Blue and they sang it with Hideaki Tokunaga.I love their voices but they don’t seem happy, that or it’s just them in the mood for the song. Changmin looks like he’s gotten taller. That boy needs a haircut too. I love everyone’s appearance. I’m not even hating Yoochun’s style. Wow, I loved Yoochun and Jae’s voices together. They fit perfectly.

Stand by You <3333333333 omg, I’ve missed this. Again more Yoochun and Jae action :) I thought they did a really good job singing. They don’t look so great though ;________;



  1. really miss them sing five together..’sob’ ‘sob’

    • Definitely. I hope they have more performances coming up though (:

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