Posted by: blooeyblooh | 2009/12/06

091205 Music Core

I’m a day late but I’m still posting (((((: there were a lot of special stages, so maybe that’s why I’m still posting :P

F(X) Chu – I love Jeju, the sky is so clear. I love the stage ~ PINK ♥. They’re dressing really warm too, smartt :) Tehy’re smiling too, I love Krystal’s hair. I actually love everything they’re wearing.

U-Kiss – Dongho, lmao, he’s so freakin pimp on stage yet such a dork on variety shows. Definitely grown to be my fave U-Kiss(er) :) I like their clothing. Not as many feathers and other stuff. The fire always amuses me. What bothered me most was definitely the camera. -__________- I bet they just wanted us to look at the stage. I do agree it’s really beautiful though.

4Minute – I like their performance and what theyr’e wearing :))))))

T-ara –

SS501 – ahhh, they look like angels. omggg, everyone looks so hot. I’m kind of surprised they still performed when they have a concert very soon. Good boys <3 Aww, Hyun Joong’s smile (: look at his cleavage lol, so hot. I really like the song, and damn, they’re not gonna perform for a long time DDDD:

2PM – Anticipation for another shirt rip !!! Chansung lmao, he cracked. poor guy, he looks a little strained. They didn’t do the flip, Junho’s looked a lil painful though.

SNSD – We haven’t seen them together in such a long time. I don’t like Tiffany’s hair though. Lol their costumes are lined with fur. They look really breezy though. Must be super cold. Yoona’s hair, it looks cute.

Brown Eyed Girls – Aw, Narsha drops her fan at the begining. Their hands must be freezing.

Kara – They were the only ones on the grass, and omg, they weren’t even facing the audience. I don’t like how the stage is arranged. on a side note: balls everywhere !


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