Posted by: blooeyblooh | 2009/12/07

091206 Inkigayo

CL and Minzy – Honestly, I’ve never listened to this song -smack- but um it’s true. I really don’t know what’s up with me but I love the song :DDDD Their clothing is pretty unique, and I love CL’s hair. I love the song, it really shows girls’ rapping skills. We need more of that =)

After School – Aw, they’re wearing suits ): I don’t like what Gahee’s wearing. It makes her look a little idkk. I love what UEE’s wearing. liltwillee never got to hear the whole song yet -____________________- gawd. It’s a good song and I don’t know why she never did.

T-ara (Like the first Time) – Ehh…not my fave song. i’m still learning all their names too x)

(Bo peep bo peep) – I don’t like the name of the song and when they performed it, I knew right away how it was going to be like. It sounds super girly for me, but I can survive. I like their leggings though (:

Taeyang – I like what he’s wearing and his voice is amazing. It sucks how he didn’t win this week. I miss Big Bang DDD: He looks so alone on stage.

Brown Eyed Girls – I love the stage. Oh and i watched wgm yesterday :) first episode so like I have a long ways to go. Omg, they had so many accidents during their performances. No one fell today so that was good.

2PM – I love the closeups on their faces, and their hair isn’t bad today. Too bad Junho and Khun had the ponytail.

2pm Winning – Haha, I find it so funny that the mcs win. Alot of contenders though, and they all did a really good job.They look so happy (: chansung lol, he’s still such a kid. Junsu mentions Jay again <3 lmao, Junsu didn’t fail at throwing :)

F(X) – They look happy. For a minute, I thought Amber was wearing shorts :O If you never noticed, Luna runs across the stage like every time. omg, the part where they all yell out Amber, that’s so cute. Victoria doesn’t look really old, and I’m surprised most of them are around my age O_O

Beast – I love the dance omg, Yoseob looks so hot (: Doojoon’s pants lol. they look so shiny. Hyun Seung omg, did he get a haircut ? Jun Hyung, omg his hair is so weird. I love the chorus dance so much. They look a little out of breath after a while. I’m sad there’s no Yoseob and Doojoon action D:

Digital Music Charts – Yoseob seems like he’s been there everytime. mystary mystary <3 Jun Hyung looks really cute, he shouldn’t hide his eyes (: omgg when they did heartbeat. Yoseob sounded very fluent when he said “please don’t go”

JYP – I wouldn’t say he’s old but I like watching his groups more than him. He’s a much better producer and manager in my view. But I guess he just misses the stage. He did very well though. Come to think of it, I’ve never really listened to him sing – weird huh? He does a good job dancing lol.



  1. I listened to it. It’s………. awesome. (:

    • Lmao, I didn’t realized you commented ! And I don’t think you did so good luck :)

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