Posted by: blooeyblooh | 2009/12/09

091107 Idol Magnae Rebellion Episode 1

Credit: time2sub @ youtube

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

First episode, weird that it’s going backwards but this episode doesn’t have any guest appearances yet.

Jinwoon, dear gawd his hair. I think he needs a haircut. 2AM does a shoutout, I’m kinda upset that Kwon didn’t get to do this show D: Jinwoon lol, he makes his entrance but his first move kinda..ehh. Hongki looks like he was filming YB during that time. DEG girlfriend <3 Yunhwa isn’t someone I’ve known so it’ll definitely be new for me to see him. But it’s okay lol. His dancing dear gawddd that’s so cute. I love Mighty Mouth lmao. When he came out, I was a little giggly inside. Ugh, Dongho took forever to arrive, his hair is so red. OMG what a cute boy (: U-Kiss lmfao, when they’re sitting together in a table, they look like they have ten members.  lmao, did he just do the butt dance? I felt bad for Shorry J lol. 28 isn’t super old but kind of weird being magnae but then again..there’s only two people.  i’m amazed at how they sent up camp lol. It looks super creepy and there’s a bunch of hotties sitting inside. They’re doing riddles about what magnae means to them, I thought Dongho’s was pretty cute. Shorry J lmfao, I’m so sad for him. Jinwoon, DORM MAID LOLL.


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