Posted by: blooeyblooh | 2009/12/11

Super Junior – “Sorry Sorry – Answer” MV

Credit: sment @ youtube


AHHH, where do I freakin start ?! The mv was filmed like months ago…everyone looks so good especially HAE <3 Man that boy needs a haircut now. No plotline, just sexy guys sittin around in black and white. Hyuk, omfg…Eunhae’s rap. wtf, they want me to die ?!

Starting in the begining, I was expecting Hae a lot, but then I saw everyone before that, and I’m just dying. Kyu’s voice is to die for. Siwon’s abs..finally turn me on. Heechul lmao, him sitting behind a laptop makes me laugh. Teuk is delicious laying like that. And Hyuk and Hae dancing, OMFG AND HE’S DOING IT NEXT TO A BENCH. I think liltwillee heard me spazz about that enough. I don’t complain at all about this. Everyone is freakin sexy as heck. I’m sad that not everyone got to undress..My favorite part about the whole song was probably like 3 : 10 to 3 : 30 and the EunHae rap for sure :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


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