Posted by: blooeyblooh | 2009/12/12

091211 Music Bank

F(X) – I like their outfits :) Luna omg, finally some clothes that actually look good on her. I like the mics, I hear them quite well. I don’t hear Amber actually DDD: lmao, at the all the squeals she still gets. During Amber’s rap the camera zooms in, makes me super dizzy though. If anyone’s curious about Sulli’s age..she’s like in the 8th grade. Made me super duper surprised. I thought she’d be like 16.

2PM – After the GDA performances, i was expecting a lot of crazy going on. But they didn’t really do that. The fan chants, get louder like every time. I love the photos in the background. Junsu’s voice sounds so good. I miss him singing ballads ): LMAO AT THE ENDING, Khun all fierce. Then Taec takes his revenge. His glare was kinda pretty scary.

SHINee – First live performance of “Jojo” ! omg their vocals *________________* All live btw. I love Key’s voice omfg. Everyone else’s too. OMG SINCE WHEN DID THEY GET TO SING LIKE THAT?! Taemin omg you’re growing so much. Minho lmao, at the adlibs. The choreo is so cute. Minho’s rap, omfgggggg that’s just sexy. I like Onew’s way more in here. I like their clothing. Jonghyun still amazes with his vocals. What can’t that boy sing. Onew omggggg <3 He looks super out of breath though =/ But the only down side is, they’re only doing it for two weeks ):

After School – UEE really improved on her facial expressions. I remember when she first performed, her nerves got to her and she couldn’t smile. But look at her now (: The stage looks a lil crowded. I like the brown and blue on them. They sound better with the mics. I love MuBanks’ mics a lot now :)

Brian – AHH, IT’S HIS COMEBACK :D. Supreme Team actually came to perform with him too. I love his outfit. And hair. He dances the cool way lol. Some parts he doesn’t sing too but I doubt he could since it’s super complicated with dancing. His voice is perfect though. The chorus dance, isn’t cheesy buut :) I think it deserved a better dance. The photos in the back distracted me. It would’ve been cool to see the female lead come out. Aw’ but not seeing him Hwanhee makes me so sad. Even if they were both successful in solos, Fly to the Sky is always bomb <3 supreme team reminds me of um ummmmmm Shorry J’s group !

MBLAQ – AHHH, THEY’RE WEARING THEIR OH YEAH SOLO CLOTHING <3 Everyone looks soo good. Joon just recovered from the swine flu I think. Seungho omggg…what’d you do, you look delicous. First thing I noticed was Mir’s ponytail and Joon’s headband. Seungho’s smile is so cute. I don’t think I ever noticed it till now. Gosh, I love his voice. Joon steps up like two steps and the crowd goes crazy lol. Joon <3333 Wow I love GO’s hair too. His voice is so manly. Aw when I look at Mir, it reminds me of YB lol. If only he had blonde hair… Joon should stop teasing us or I’ll die. Thunder omgg so cute. Joon lol, he’s such a loud mouth with his GO OOD LUV.



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