Posted by: blooeyblooh | 2009/12/14

091213 Inkigayo

2PM –

  • omg the chants :) so loud  :)
  • They seem so tired though :/ get some sleep bb.
  • you know what I’ve noticed, Junsu’s the only one with the folded sleeves.
  • Khun and Junho need a haircut. I miss his mohawk.
  • I like the ending, it just gets newer every time.

2PM Winning –

  • So many people were up for it, but they do deserve it so much.
  • Khun wishes JYP a happy birthday :)
  • Taec doing his heartbeat with the claw. He’s all doing it alone, lmao no one seems to care.


  • I like their outfits for this song sooo much.
  • Seungho, omg he’s so cute.
  • The chants, omgg they finally have them !!
  • Joon, omgg yesterday I was watching their perf with liltwillee and we couldn’t get over his peace sign
  • Thunder looks like he dyed his hair.
  • Mir and Thunder need more lines ):
  • I love the ending <3 he sounds like a monkey lol

After School –

  • lol at the fanboy in the beginning.
  • Gosh, the outfits aren’t flattering. Gahee’s freakin skinny though.
  • The cameraman is so Gahee biased. :)
  • The song’s really catchy, kinda weird they haven’t won yet ;__________;

U-Kiss –

  • omg, Kevin’s hair bugs me a lot now =/
  • Gawd, the cameraman makes me so dizzy.
  • lmao, at Dongho’s shoulders, I just can’t get over that.

f(x) –

  • lol, I love how everyone goes crazy when Amber says like one thing.
  • I like Amber’s hat :)))
  • Victoria did like two flips :OO

SHINee – Happy Early Birthday, and Happy Birthday in Korea Onew <3333 I just hate our time zones. How old is he turning? 20?! omg another year in our age difference ):

  • omg at the sign, that’s so cuteee :)
  • Jonghyun, his voice is dreamy.
  • Taaemin’s star reminds me of Jessica’s sticker.
  • I don’t know why people don’t like Key’s hair, I like it (:
  • Onew looks tired :/

Beast –

  • Haven’t listened to this song in a longgg time D:
  • I love their outfits. And the chorus dance.
  • Seunghyun <333 ahh, i love his hair.
  • Yoseob looks so fierce. It must be magnae week or something.

Brian –

  • I keep hoping for maybe a special stage with Hwanhee :) wouldn’t that be cool?
  • I love his necklace, and his shoes. Blue really fits with him. Even his hair’s blue.
  • He sounds good, I can’t even tell the difference between yesterday and today.



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