Posted by: blooeyblooh | 2009/12/17

091216 Mblaq – Idol Army Cut feat Joon & Mir

Credit: abmshows @ youtube

OMFG, THEY’RE ALL YELLIN AT EACH OTHER. They’re the loudest people in the group too. Joon’s abracadabra lmao, and then Mir yelling. “YEAHHHHHH” Joon’s impression of Joon lmfao, wth. I love the other people just sitting there cracking up. I don’t get the random picture of that girl, was he supposed to guess who that childhood picture belonged to? btw it’s Sunny ! Mir’s turn :)))) wow, he was pretty pro and Joon was really fast. Mir getting stuck at the eng words was pretty cute. He looked so flustered. Passing them like 10000 times. His So Hot impression was weird. I wish this was subbed ))):


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