Posted by: blooeyblooh | 2009/12/19

091218 Music Bank

We’re finally on break <3333 :)))) & Congrats to 2PM’s fourth win in a row !

SHINee – I love their clothing, btw most of their clothing is over $100 which I can’t afford atm ;__________; or ever.

I love what they’re wearing. Not to mention everyone’s super smiley. Key’s hair got blue added in the back. I like it. I think this is the last week they’re performing this song too. I’ll miss it D: JongHo moment omg.

Jewelry – Seo In Young and Jung Ah are leaving the group if you don’t know yet. )): They weren’t here for very long and all the members have been replaced. I never really heard their voices cuz of the autotune but In Young’s voice is like amazing :OO First time listening to this song. The beginning is so good. I kind of like the less rap. Everyone is doing a live and no autotune so it’s different :) The chorus is okay..I don’t love it much.

U-Kiss – If Dongho had some abs, that wifebeater would be sexier. I like the remix though. It doesn’t sound very different but then it’s not really the same. Haha, that didn’t make sense.

Beast – I love the chorus dance. Jun Hyung, he’s a super cool guy. I love his shades but I wanna his face more. gi Kwang, omggg I love his hair. So many cheers, I love this <3 I didn’t mention their outfits yet..I love them. Reminds me of xmas. Gi Kwang’s flip omggggg. I miss leader and magnae love D:

After School – UEE’s no expression face bothers me a lot. Not trying to bash but, I thought she’d at least smile. She’s too into the whole performance.

The stage is beautiful. Gahee’s outfit looks cute. I hope they win too. They have a good song, hopefully Inki ?


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