Posted by: blooeyblooh | 2009/12/21

091216 Idol Army feat MBLAQ

Credit: abmsubs @ youtube

Part 2, Part 3, (the rest are still in the process)


it starts off with the poster they did. And the arrival of the mc. Shin bong Seon, lmao, her intro being stupid awkward and funny. I miss Boom D:

Seungho comes out, and he does a face wipe. And then we get his dorky smile. His intro is all awkward lol. Mir, lmao, stretching his leg out. His seductive pose, what a dork lol. Joon changed his hair up a bit so now it’s like Kevin’s hair. reminds me of Hae too. He comes out freakin sexy and we see his muscles, ahhhh I’m dying. He does his scream, wth lol. Honey abs,he’s so confident. GO comes out, and I can’t believe his way of walking. The caption was like “Fuzzy face” Thunder comes out, he’s such a prince lol. I love his smile but his hair has got to go. A mystery guest is here, and it’s a girl lol. Mir’s way of grabbing that rose lol, GO haha. Joon, he’s a good actor. Seungho, I feel bad for him lol. He’s such a dork. Thunder’s sway, WAY INTO ACTING  lol. First contest is bad boys. Seungho says he’ll win. there will be a penalty for the loser though. 20 seconds to…change outfits ! Thunder what a poor boy, Mir is such a cheater. All of them succeed hehe. Joon’s so upset. They change it to 15 secs for Joon and GO. I’m so nervous lol. Joon’s pose haha. GO, HAHA, I LOVE THAT DIVA. His poser was “Greasy” AHH, GO. Poor Joon, all naked. The mc’s haha, they’re so amazing.


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