Posted by: blooeyblooh | 2009/12/24

Kpop’s Mistakes in 2009

Credit: kpopfun @ youtube

Lmao at Teuk, no one could really hold in their laughter. I didn’t understand Goo Hara’s mistake, until after a while. Joon’s crack cracked me up ! What a cute boy. Onew’s slip wasn’t very funny though.. DBSK, hehe, I miss their fail times. Everyone cracks once in a while, but it’s so common now. Eunyhyuk is a dance machine, but he tends to slip a lot. SNSD’s classic repetitive ness ! I saw that hehe.



  1. haha..really make me laugh..yeah, miss their MESSES UP too..make me smile…

    • I know right D: So many things happened this year.

  2. Lol DBSK’s mistake looks like they were looking at each other as they bumped into each other. Joon’s voice cracked LOL! Lol SNSD’s repetitive ness. Yuri and Sooyoung was doing the dance over and over again.

    • Haha Joon <3 I love his reaction. And that clip of SNSD hehe.

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