Posted by: popop2032 | 2009/12/25

091223 SNSD ‘Gee’ (Jazz & Rock Ver.) @ Music Travel LaLaLa

Hehe they sang this version before at KJE‘s Chocolate. Kay I’m too lazy to type about this again so I’mma quote this from my blog. Fany catches my attention here. Beautiful!

They keep moving around so much, it looks like they want to dance badly. Lol. Sunny’s ad-libs with the “Oh Yeah” was amazing. Tiffany and Sunny rocked the rock part! I’m surprised at how Jessica pushed her voice ^-^ She sounds amazing. To sum all of this, Sunny, Seohyun, Taeyeon, Jessica and Tiffany is amazing!!! I hope Taeyeon is okay. I mean she keeps holding her ear piece and looked like she was in pain and her voice is usually more powerful than this. I spy JeTi moment. (:

credits to monmonsnowHD @ youtube
image credits to


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