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091225 Music Bank

Just like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas <33 from your kpopwacot family hehe.

Music Bank did a cool Christmas special, but I was kinda bummed out.. I’m sure you all heard about the Super Junior issue ):

Super Junior – Remix version. The camera pans over to the left more and you see the whole crew, minus Hankyung, Heechul, and Kibum. DID DONGHAE GET A HAIRCUT ?! I’m so happy. I love the remix so much. I’m glad they performed this. Sungmin needs to re do his hair. I miss his red hair D: Everyone looks really down..cheer up ): The performance was really good. Everyone did a really good job. I giggled when they were just saying Sorry Sorry and Yesung got zoomed in. Hae did Heechul’s part. I loved it, he looked so fierce. I miss seeing him with that half glove (: EunHae did a little dance, and then Siwon did his thing lmao. I’m sorry but he’s so funny. I love Kyu’s part at the end. Then it was the end of the show where they announced the winner but they didn’t declare it yet so don’t freak out. I love CL’s shades btw.

SNSD, SHINee, f(x) Interview – SM LOVEEEEEE :) and guess who did it ? Teuk and Shindong of course ! Teuk looked like he was wearing ten different animals on his body. They open the door and it’s like my classroom lmao. Hyo looks so giddy. Teuk tells each one of them to tell their wish. AMBER GETS TO SAY IT LMAO. SHE’S SO HOT, I THINK SHE KILLED ME. DID YOU SEE SHE WAS NEXT TO KEY???? AHHH.

f(x) – aw no one was featured in their performance )’: I love the title, Idol Generation. The stage is so pretty, and they’re all wearing something Christmas-y. Luna’s ear muffs <3 Everyone’s smiling and so happy. I love Amber’s glove lol. Reminds me of Taec’s paw. It would’ve been cool if she wore like a shirt with Santa on it, cuz she didn’t look so festive. Their performance was cut, so it went by so fast. They sounded out of breath by the end D: YOU SEE SHINEE COME OUT BY THE END AHH. Ok, so their song was cut so that they’d have enough breath?

SHINee ft f(x) – MMMMM :) I love my Key and Amber moments. I felt bad since f(x) was so out of breath but they got to rest. Aww, I was hoping for like a joint stage. They get to the rap part without doing any verses DDDDD: Kay I’m pissed. But everyone looks so sexy. Key’s hair should totally go right now. f(x) comes out to dance withthem. AMBER’S NEXT TO…Minho and Taemin D: Amber fits right in. Hehe. SHINee looked awkward dancing with the girls up there. Look at Taemin lol. He doesn’t wanna move out of his perimeter to touch them.

SNSD ft SHINee & f(x) – SNSD does Gee and not Tell Me Your Wish. I wonder why? I love their english. Jess says Merry Christmas <33 I like their..shirts. Why the shorts ): Tiffany’s hair is adjusting to me. I like it. Yoona’s hair is growing so fast. I love Tae’s hair. Reminds me of the princess during old times. Sunny’s hair lol. They sound good though so yay. I haven’t really heard Hyo ever sing, she has a beautiful voice. They should give her a ballad next album. I love how during Yuri’s part, everyone was just singing along. Key and Taemin and Krystal and Victoria come out. Krystal haha. Sister love <3 I’m glad Key came out, if he didn’t it would’ve been weird. I wish Amber was out there :) Taemin moves so elegantly, i love his hips. I think that was Sulli that ran out :D

Jingle Bell Rock with SHINee, SNSD & f(x) – lol Gingle. Boy, they must’ve been freakin tired from all that performing. I thought Sulli was calling Key for a moment, but it was Taemin hehe. Minho’s so damn tall !  Everyone comes out after that. Jonghyun looks so much like a kid. Krystal’s next to her sister :) I LOVE ONEW’S AND AMBER’S NOSE. Luna’s voice omg. Aw they zoom into Krystal and Jess. Yoona’s next to Jonghyun. OMFG JEALOUSSS. Key doesn’t look happy next to Sunny. ):

Seung Yeon (Kara), Ga In (BEG), Hyuna, (4Minute), UEE (After School) – Joint girl power! AHHHHH AFJKEJKJFIEJKFJEKFJE. Seung Yeon starts first with a cane LOL I FEEL SO AWKWARD. But she did good, that was pretty cool. Hyuna, lots of things can happen with her. I love what she’s wearing though. And the things behind them. DAmn, she should go dance in a club. I hope Taemin’s hyungs are covering his eyes ! The background seems to be dancing with them, but Hyuna went a little fast. Ga In wearing a big shirt kind of hinted she’d take it off. BUT SHE DIDNT :O UEE lol, I loved her in YB and can’t get over the fact that she was a bitch in that drama. Britney Spear’s song comes out. I love that song :) They dance together, omgg they did a good job.

The Girls & Taec – that song could only mean one thing..Taec <3 Taec comes out with this thing. Hyuna sings first and they’re so cute together. Ga In was perfect for that job. I hope JoKwon isn’t jealous :))) Taec’s so tall. AHH THE ENDING POSE.

T-ara – I love their outfits minus Hyomin who stood out with that snowman thing. I love the stage and the xmas remix. It’s all so giddy.

Kim Tae Woo & Hwanhee – Wheesung added to this would’ve been cool AND singing Lachata :) but, they’re both great singers. Bad quality so don’t strain your eyes. Hwanhee looks good :) His engrish is so sexy. Kim Tae Woo comes out looking so spiffy. He’s still wearing shades lol. The song was so short, and we didn’t even hear them sing together D:

Lyn, Kim Tae Woo and Hwanhee – They sound so good :) Tae Woo’s so tall lol.

MBLAQ & Beast Dance Battle – LMAOOO, IT LOOKED SO FIERCE. JOON LEADS HEHE. But they go GEE and then Son Dambi’s song lol. I love them so much. Everyone’s been talking about how they fit DEG so much. I have to admit, MBLAQ did Gee so good. And Son Dambi’s song too. MBLAQ DOES SORRY SORRY AHHH. THEN BEAST DOES AGAIN AND AGAIN. MLAQ FIRES THEM BACK WITH HEARTBEAT. ABRACADABRA LOL. Hyun Seung is such a fail at the end thing Kwon likes to do.  AHHHHHH <333 KAY, IT’S A TIE GUYS. I’M DYING OF HOTNESS.

MBLAQ – Beast got SOO MUCH MORE TIME >.< AWWWWWW, SEUNGHO. I was hoping Thunder and Mir wouldn’t get cut. I love Thunder’s legs. they’re so freakin small. Must compare with Taemin now. Beast looked like they were doing f(x)’s dance. I miss Mir’s thank you.

Beast – mmmm Doo Joon :) I love their outfits especially the lines at the thighs. Gi Kwang’s v neck :)))) me likey. MBLAQ comes out and dances too. The cheers lol, it’s like eveywhere ! GI KWANG TAKES HIS OUTER SHIRT OUT, JOON WHERE ARE YOUR HONEY ABS BB???

They did a lot of practicing, and I’m so happy. -replays everything- :) once again, Merry Christmas !



  1. Did you see the ending where SNSD wins? SNSD was placed under Sorry Sorry and Super Junior was placed under Gee. Music Bank failed. Lol.

    • Yeah, honey. You showed me lol. But it took me a while to really catch on.

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