Posted by: blooeyblooh | 2010/01/02

100101 Music Bank

No longer is it 2009! I hope you guys are all enjoying New Year’s day. Sorry for not posting any of the music shows, it’s been a pretty crazy hectic week.

After School – Because of You

I love this song :) Can’t you hear the faint cheers in the back? :) I’m sad they’re winning much though, so much competition out there. Is that purple I see on their suits? (:

Jewelry + Rainbow – One more Time

I don’t really listen to Rainbow. But they did a good job with the song. Jewelry is actually behind them if you can’t notice lmao. Rainbow doesn’t have the best vocals..but they try. I love the parts where Jewelry comes down and joins them :)

T-ara win’s #1 Yayyy their first ever win since debut :) aww everyone’s just bawling tears. Junsu lol, what a dork.

T-ara – Bo Peep Bo Peep

Traditional version. omg, it just annoys the heck out of me. I can’t stand the music in the back. I enjoy the strumming though. I love their cute outfits :)

Meeting 2PM

Oh the claws and paws :) Hey it’s Eun Ji Won! T-ara does Heartbeat and when 2PM did Bo Peep Bo Peep that was pretty sick. Junsu hahha what a dork again!! Kinda an awkward moment since both were up for the award.

2PM – Tired of Waiting

Awww no more Heartbeat ?! I love this song more though so I’m glad. They start off in chairs..omg dirty thoughts. I love their hair, and clothing. No more ponytails and weird suits! Chansung’s vocals are improving. Everyone’s screaming so loud. Normally I’d say I hate the cameraman but I don’t today. I love the extra close face zooms :D  Junsu..looking good bb <333 The rap was so fierce, omggg just come over to my house and dance on my couch please. Omg I approve of this song and performance :)

f(x) – Chu~♥

Lol all the crazy screaming and shouting even before they came out to sing. Idk why but these days, I’m getting so confused with Krystal and Sulli. Amber omg, I still remember when they were promoting Lachata and how many fans were cheering for her rap.

SNSD – Tell me Your Wish

I wonder if they’re already sick of doing this song lol. It’s been like a whole year already.

Alot of stuff came out about Tiff during their MBC performance yesterday that I stayed up to watch last morning. I have to say it’s alright to not be slender and stick skinny. Earlier they were telling how she’s too skinny and now that she has some meat in her bones they’re telling her she’s fat. If she’s fat, I’m freakin obese.

Anyways, I like Tae’s hair. Reminds me of a princess. Btw if you think the chorus is weird, it’s from their original song. They look super tired but their comeback is soon so no rest for now D:

Beast – Mystery

omggg so long since I’ve seen them :) 1:51 LOLLLL. The chorus dance still makes me giggle, but it’s cute. I love their suits, the pattern is beautiful. Aw, no one really took their shirts off D: They show their New Year greetings and everyone goes crazy. What don’t fans go crazy for?

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