Posted by: blooeyblooh | 2010/01/05

091223 Idol Army Episode 2

Credit: mellowgreenleaf @ youtube

Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4 , Part 5

Gawd, this took seriously forever and I almost forgot about it D: but anywho, this was during xmas, so longggg time ago. Their first guests were Secret, lmao I thought it was T-ara ???

Anywho, the girls come out and like it’s pretty idk awesome? The mcs kinda scared me though but I love Mir’s reaction xD. Seungho..long history with them. I wonder how he’ll survive :O Thunder does the opening pose lol, and everyone’s like wth??? and OMFG, HE’S SO FREAKIN AWESOME AT IT. Damn look at his thighs…so small. Aigoo~ I love how everyone’s just crazy. Hahaha. I’m not familiar with their names so don’t expect me to tell them apart easily. MBLAQ starts to dance, THunder doesn’t even do anything lol. OMG, BUT THAT’S JUST TOO HOT. I was kinda expecting more..but okay lmao. What a bad boy! How bad, he doesn’t even get to do his dance lol. Seungho, LMAO YOU’RE SUCH A CUTE FAIL LEADER. GO LOL, OMGGG…SEXAYY. Lol at the end, wtf man. Mir..omg you’d expect him to be like that, haha. Joon goes last, best for lasy. BUT HE FALLS LOLL. Of course bb does dance but they all bash him down. I love his freakin faces lol. OMG SO HOT, ITS BURNING. Secret gets to dance, MMM I LVOE THAT FIRST GIRL. MIR LMAO. YOU DIVA. lol at when people just pick it up. WHOA THUNDE.R OMFG NO MC LOL. MIRRRR OMFGGGGGG HE KIDNAPS HER. The second girl lol, why’s she making me anxious??? LOL GO, YOU’RE SUCHA PERVERT. JOON, LOL YOU’RE SO WEIRD. Did Go just touch her for no reason lol? The third person really reminds me of Hyo. She’s so amazing. I don’t know what the fourth girl was doing, but I love how everyone’s just helping her. OMFG, THUNDER, RELEASING ALL HIS ENERGY.  Aww everyone in Secret joins her to do the dance. Now it’s time for gifts. i’m excited :)) Thunder goes first! AWWWWWW HELLO KITTY DOLL, OMG I’M DYING INSIDE. He named it after his backpack lol. Gawd, I wanna sleep with him not the doll baby :) he has to do his wink, and omggg so cute. Whaaa so cute. And lol at the animated heart. They all guess for who he choooes and that’s where we end !


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