Posted by: blooeyblooh | 2010/01/06

100112 MBLAQ – Healthy Lifestyle

Credit: mellowgreenleaf @ youtube

It’s supposed to see how healthy he is lmao. Joon! He wakes up at 7, btw that narrator annoys me with her voice. Why is it so scripted? lmao. GO lmao, I didn’t know he’d be like that (: Gawd nothing is hotter than Joon eating. The tightening the butt exercise lol. That’s weird. mmmmmm dance rehearsal :)) omgg he zoom from him drinking water is so hot. Wow from a lot of laughing, you can burn off a lot of calories and do that instead of something. Joon’s so cute at being a good boy, but I don’t believe he really does that lol. I love the outfits they give him lol. Poor fail leader, has to be the unhealthy person.


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