Posted by: blooeyblooh | 2010/01/07

100106 Idol Army – Joon Kissing Cut

Credit: abmshows @ youtube

I kind of expected her to be on the show lmao. I mean..she’s like Idol Army material. Although..I kinda didn’t want it to end up that way. Omg just think of all the Joon’s fans crying right now after watching this. They act out a scene from the drama, What Happened in Bali. Dude, that drama kinda sucked..i don’t know why I’d remember it though. Anyways, everyone’s really giggly lol. They’re in pajamas too. When Joon swooped her when she was backing up, I felt all “awwww” He pushed her against the wall lmao. And everyone’s like wahhhh. I love his pose btw lol. His hand on his hip. Kinda awkward Thunder and Mir are like right next to her lol. He doesn’t obviously kiss her lol. I think it’s the chin. He goes get embarassed. Omo, I’m sad D:


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