Posted by: blooeyblooh | 2010/01/07

Hyunah – “Change” MV

Credit: aznsammantv @ youtube

Yay full mv :)

Video starts with both people in chairs. Okay, so she’s dancing in shorts lmao. Sadly, I feel awkward already. Junhyung’s sitting in a cahir for like oh gawd idk forever? I love the way she sits on her chair though lol. The chorus wasn’t my fave part of the song, the choreo isn’t very catchy. She doesn’t do much. Junhyung’s so tall compared to her. He has a little bit of rapping, damn he looks so hot. Hyunah’s dancing..all “sexy” She  changes to another scene in a skirt lol. She has a lot of backup dancers too. I wonder what her debut stage is going to look like. So the mv teaser was about her dance break, damn it’s like so longg. I don’t like it..makes me feel awkward. Her hair’s so nice in the white background though. By the end of the mv, I was really ready for it to end already. Normally I’d spazz..but i don’t know. Keep in mind she’s 17, but I don’t know. It just depends on you. I just think it’s too much.


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