Posted by: blooeyblooh | 2010/01/09

100108 Music Bank

F.Cuz (Debut) – Don’t know their names yet, or even their mv lol. I was just too excited to see their debut. First impression of the song isn’t really good. Not super catchy to me, man they enhanced the guys’ looks so much. I feel disappointed now. The guy with the curly hair looks like the magnae, he reminds me of Taemin :) Getting Jiggy sounds so dirty, why isn’t Korea banning this lmao. They sound good for their first live. The guy with the cap reminds of Jaejoong, man I miss him.  So far, I don’t like this might just grow on me xD

Hyunah (Change) – She comes out, and I knew it was be awesome xD I love the stage. I’m glad she’s not dancing in shorts lol. I don’t like what the backup dancers are wearing. Wth are those pants, they’re like Joon style. I love her hair.  I thought JunHyung wouldn’t come out, but he did lol. Omg they’re so hot together.  Damn everyone’s already cheering. The song’s kinda short, considering she has a dance break. I have to admit it’s super hard to sing while doing that dancing, so she did very good.

SHINee (JoJo) – I love how they just come out looking like jocks. Hey aren’t those Suju clothes (: Jonghyun, omg his sex face is so bad. I love Taemin’s voice, he’s improving, give him a ballad! Damn Key still has his multi colored hair. Onew, omg that beanie makes him look like 13. Minho’s adlibs are freakin cute. Minho rapping in englis his so sexy. I thought two weeks was over and they’d be done with promoting this, but I guess not :) I hope they do the whole album.

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