Posted by: blooeyblooh | 2010/01/09

ZE: A – “Mazeltov” MV

Credit: urasiansourcetv @ youtube

Another group with a lottttt of boys. This will probably take me a while to learn their names, be patient !

Wow the beginning, it’s pretty cool. I love that. They have a lot of english words in this thing. “Mazeltov sounds like a cool word :) Ahh, the guys look so cute. I can’t even stand to count them all. I don’t have lots to say lmao. what’s wrong with me ? i’m just caught up. I love their look. most of the comments said they’re the new Super Junior, with the DBSK look. 9 members btw. Tha’ts not a huge lot, that’s the size of SNSD :)


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