Posted by: blooeyblooh | 2010/01/11

100110 Inkigayo

Never got a chance to watch Music Core, so i’m not posting it. Congrats to T-ara for winning again.although ehhh.

Hyunah (Change) – It’s her debut woo hoo. The stage is full of lights, it must’ve been really hot lol. I love the beginning where she’s just being carried. Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted? :) I like the ilttle star on her face. Lol, I love the way she says swagger. She does a good job dancing, I wonder if she’s ever shy. Junhyung comes out, he looks fierce. I love the fur he’s styling. I kinda wish he was in it more though, he pops out of nowhere and says a few lines and then leaves D: It’s quite obvious she’s lipsyncing a lot, and not alot of people are really enjoying that. I remember her first performance, she was out of breath but now she’s getting better.

F.Cuz (Jiggy) – I wish ZE: A was out already ))): I’n not going to lie but I love them more lmao. I kept listening to their song, but I love F.Cuz too ! I love their little bird feather outfits they’re wearing. I love their stage presence. Omg Kan is so cute. he’s sweating a lot though. The song was so weird to my ears on the first listen..but it’s growing on me so much. I love the song now.

Jewelry (Love Story) – I thought it was just nice to post this up even if I’m not a huge fan of them. As you may know, Jung Ah and Seo In Young are leaving the group to go solo and today was their last day. And the end of their promotions too.

Everyone’s already so teary, Jung Ah aww so strong to smile. Seo In Young’s just bawling her tears out D: Aw when the rapper started crying, I started tearing up so much. Aww and then the girl after her, started crying so much.  Jung Ah’s so strong.

2PM (tired of Waiting) – Whoa the intro is so freakin sexy. I love how everyone’s just tapping. Taec’s so into character. Whoever invented the choreo is amazing. It’s a little bit of everything. Junsu, where’d you learn to be so sexy?! Khun has too much makeup. OMG WHATEVER HE DID, SO HOT. Wooyoung’s voice <33 you’re so hot with your longing gaze. Everyone kills me with their hotness. Taec’s rap, lmao, I told you he’s into character ! Omggggg 2 : 45 :O I hope the chairs get auctioned off at the end :)


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