Posted by: blooeyblooh | 2010/01/12

091230 Idol Army – MBLAQ ft T-ara (Episode 3)

Credit: abmsubs @ youtube

Part 2 , Part 3, Part 4 ,

Yayy it’s been almost a while since it came out. T-ara’s featured on here…which means…Joon’s out on a date with Hyomin. Before I get all weird and pissed off, there’s like a lot of things to watch heeh :)

Now they’re on missions to be scandal makes lmao. Can they really do that? They show clips of them sleeping, and then Mir wakes up and starts squirming lmao. He’s the one who has the damn long wig. none of them can go to sleep cause of the date. They start seeing videos of their date, lmao and it’s Thunder ! they pause it lmao and look at his face !!! I feel so bad cuz all the hyungs are making fun of him. And then they’re going back to four hours before the actual date. They start doing something called Love Love Lunchbox Making, and Thunder’s getting picked again. He does sandiwches keke. Joon explains he’s manly with his fists lol. Mir makes something healthy, which I guess is salad. GO makes something out of egg with rice. Seungho makes sushi xD The table’s so crowded lol. Seungho struggles and fails so GO has to help him.  Ew thunder’s thing came out all weird. Mir lmao, he pulls out this bottle and it’s not even salad. Suengho lmaoooo he’s cutting the sushi and it’s falling apart. Joon lmao, makes this huge rice ball. I love GO’s lunch. Seungho makes a bunch of shit and he’s just stacking and piling on stuff like how i do it xDDD They hold their lunch lol and the girls come out. T-ara !!!! They start dancing after, all the guys lmao. Wy are they always mesmorized…Mir lmao. They lunches are placed randomly and they have to pick who they like. Seungho, lmao I’m so sorry for you. EunJung picks Thunder hehe. Soyeon picks the picnic basket who is mir’s haha. I feel so bad for Seungho, his lunch isn’t even in a proper bag it’s just in a black plastic lmao. Who would know it’s food in there :)


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