Posted by: blooeyblooh | 2010/01/13

100113 Idol Army Ep 5 Cut

Credit: abmshows @ youtube

You guys might’ve already heard of this but here’s why joon cried lol.

They were doing a segment called “Mission Theater” where they re-enacted Queen Seon Duk, the boys were told to be purposely mean to Lee Joon. The boys were doing everything they could to get Lee Joon flustered but he kept his anger inside. Right when he was coming to his boiling point, the boys revealed that it was all a prank which resulted him to get on his knees and cry.

It’s kinda sad in a way..but I give major props for Joon just crying. I would totally just punch all of them. I was hoping they’d show what they did to him but no lol. I feel soooo bad for Joon. It’s quite sad that they’re all laughing, but he has such a sexy crying face. :)))


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