Posted by: blooeyblooh | 2010/01/14

C.N Blue – ‘Bluetory’ Album Review

I give this album a 6/10 :) I’ll explain :D

Nothing’s really amazing and out there. And all the songs sounded the same to me.

01. I’m a Loner – Longer and official version of the song.

02. I will forget You – The title of the song is so sad D: I love the music to this (: Whoever started the song, has a sweet voice. The song’s so mellow, mmmmm I love the vocals so much !

03. Love Revolution – Upbeat hehe. I don’t like that ;_______________; They sound super cheery though. I love the bridge though (:

04. Now or Never – UPBEAT ELECTRIC GUITAR :) I love how their voices mash up, omg but the guy with the ponytail should totally cut his hair D:

05. Y, Why – Ehhhhhhh I don’t have anything to say, all the songs sound the same after a while. But great guitar solo.


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