Posted by: blooeyblooh | 2010/01/15

100115 Music Bank

After School (Because of You) – I love the whole perf, but the whole video’s kinda messed up.

2PM (Heartbeat) (Tired of Waiting) – Goodbye stage, ;_________; They sound really good in Heartbeat. Taec’s rap omg. I don’t really dig what his hair looks like though. The stage is so dark. I love how everyone’s just sitting down then they finally get up. Wooyoung sounds really good. Junho and Wooyoung sound just like twins lmao. He’s so fierce when he’s pulling his shirt… ? Lol it’s not pop the collar so idk. They all fall in the end, whooo hooo.

I love this song, I’m so sad they didn’t perform this any longer. Khun’s zoom in lmao. He looks like a mental patient. I love the choreo, feet stomping. Wooyoung looks in that hair and outfit. omgggg. I didn’t really have good ears, but I really loved their voices in here. Chansung’s shirt, omggggg that’s so loww :) I loved Taec’s rapping part the most. He looked even fiercer.

C.N Blue (I’m a Loner) – They don’t even show the names of the guys ughhhh. I ilove the stage :)))) Yonghwa looks so different. The stage is full of blue stuff. Yonghwa’s voice <33 and his smile. He rapped, and that’s so hot. His hand movements are so hot. I thought I heard him say “west side” lmao. I wish all the other members got more time. The drummer’s so cute :) gawd I love his hair.

F. Cuz (Jiggy) – I love this song now lmao. It’s addicting but they’re so colorful. I don’t know their names yet ugh. Learning is key :)

Hyunah feat Junhyung (Change) – FIYAHHHH everywhere. I love the beginning, when she’s being carried lol. I like what she’s wearing. I love the hair ! She sounds better too. I love her hair flicks. Finally there’s some screaming. Junhyung comes out, omgg he’s so hot. Did he just touch that guy’s thigh lmao.

SHINee (Jojo) (Ring Ding Dong) man it’s their goodbye stage DDD: I really loved both songs. Jonghyun’s dreamy voice and player like face. Why’s he so hot. Taemin’s voice seems to be changing lol. NO PUBERTY ?! Onew’s hair is finally not in a beanie. They don’t sing the whole song though. UGHHH. They transition to Ring Ding Dong ! I’ll miss Jonghyun’s face wipes D: I’m glad they didn’t do the remix version. Key’s parts were so good. He didn’t do his butterfly move though ): and his hair flip.

T-ara (Bo Peep Bo Peep)

ZE: A (Mazeltov) – So many guys, hey one guy’s name is Heechul and Kevin. I love the intro. They all come out, and bend down. The first guy comes out and yeahhh that’s hot. I can’t get over how funny it is for that guy to be under him when he jumps up. I love the chorus <33 There’s too many guys lmao. But Katelyn learned SNSD’s names, so I can do this xD If you don’t know, they’ve been performing before their debut too.


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