Posted by: blooeyblooh | 2010/01/15

2AM – Comeback Teasers

Credit: twoonedaystream @ youtube

Lots of teasers will be updated on this post :)


Nothing much but dancing lol. I for sure bet it’s Kwon haha. I hope they’re even more recognized now. They’re such a talented group.Changmin – Leaves are flying everywheree :O and he’s just sitting there singing. Omg his vocals <3 he looks so sad, and tears are coming down. He looks so sexy though.

Jinwoon – I really like how they got flowers for his teaser :) I love his new hair color, but I’m not so used to it yet lol. He’s layong on the grass and omgg that’s so sexy. Then he’s beating himself so hard lol, that looks so weird.

Seulong – Dudeeee it’s freezing in Korea and they made him do that and be drenched out in the rain, poor bb. I love his hair, he should’ve totally slicked it up into a mohawk omgggg. I spot huge boobs !

Jokwon – His is really depressing, whyyyy D: I don’t like what he’s wearing though. I don’t think they really did anything to his hair, ughhh. He sounds so good though :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


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