Posted by: blooeyblooh | 2010/01/16

100116 Music Core

T-ara gets to sing “Like the first time” :) and 2PM and SHINee have their goodbye stages D:

T-ara (Like the first time) – It’s either the track is so loud or they’re lipsyncing but you can barely hear them singing. It’s my first time hearing this song,, but I’m already liking it :) They’re not promoting this tomorrow, but will starting next week.

2PM (Tired of Waiting & Heartbeat) – Junsu lmao. He looks so dorky. I love the song though :) They look like they’re wearing the same outfit. Junho’s so sweaty…mmmm. They sound a little breathless. I love the Heartbeat stage. It’s so freaky yet cool. The holes in the walls are so tight. I love that everyone’s doing Taec’s heartbeat thing. THE ENDING LMAO. Taec scared like the crap out of me.  I hate those suits though. Heartbeat wasn’t my fave song, but I’ll miss this lots ):

Women’s Generation (Wonder Woman) – They’re back :OOOO lol, I’m not even a huge fan so.. idk. Lol at the beginning with Yuri in that Wonder Woman cape. One of the girls is lip syncing cuz she’s sick. So like don’t freak out. I love the song :)

SHINee (Jojo) – They’re not doing RING DING DONG ?!!?!? D: I love Jonghyun’s hat, so many kids in my class are wearing that lmao. Red really suits him. I love Key’s hair color. I hope he doesn’t change it. Minho’s pants look baggy. Yay a change for him to have kids :) haha I kid. They look a little tired. It’s good they’re ending soon. I hope Taemin goes through puberty for their next album lol. Then we can hear his deep voice :)

C.N Blue (I’m a Loner) – I’m sorry but I’m totally Yonghwa biased but I know that the other members should get more camera time. It’s just that he’s so hot ! he’s wearing the YB studs he wore on the drama :) They’re standing on boxes lol. Reminds me of FT Island. I don’t like their suits D: I don’t think they’re playing live ;_______; It just occurred to me that they’re like Maroon 5 only it’s 4 members.


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