Posted by: popop2032 | 2010/01/24

SNSD ‘Oh!’ full track released!

I’m not going to write about this again because I’m going crazy listening to this! So I’m going to quote myself from my own blog.

SNSD has released the full track of ‘Oh!’! Oh Oh Oh Oh I’m totally going crazy! It sounds catchy already! Though it may not be the best song composed but you just can’t stop listening to it. I hope this song will be a big hit!

Seriously when they make a comeback and they give a little tease. Just like 30 seconds… The internet blows up. Who would’ve thought a group like SNSD can make so many people excited and causes chaos? I just wonder what they have to make everyone go wild… Besides their pretty looks. ;)

Wait until the 27th for the MV release and the 30th for their comeback performance on MBC Music Core!

Listen to the song here. Though its not in its best quality.

credits to prot0515 @ youtube


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