Posted by: blooeyblooh | 2010/01/26

SNSD – “Oh!” MV

Credit: sment @ youtube

They start off all together, and their clothing is like all over the place. Hyo’s in pigtails ! Sunny’s hair hasn’t changed D: I really thought it’d be nice to see her hair differently. Yoona’s hair is so long now. They go into a locker room too but I don’t like the outfits. Seohyun starts the song :O omggg I love her voice. The big poofy hair is pretty cool. I love Tae’s choreo the most. Sooyoung gets some hair ! I love the chorus dance omggg ! I love their cheerleading outfits. They’re in shorts again, I just noticed. Jessica’s voice is like most recognizable lmao. I love Tiffany’s voice. Hyo gets more parts to sing this time :))) I love the part where it sounds like “oppa oppa oppa I’ll be coming down.” I love Yoona’s solo shots, she looks so beautiful with the long hair and that yellow striped shirt. I love the part where they’re together in a group and everyone busts out a move and Yuri looks like a ninja and then Tiffany starts it again and they all do it too. Lol, I hope that made sense.

The ending is kind of weird…I think it’s a to be continued.


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