Posted by: blooeyblooh | 2010/02/02

U-Kiss – “Without You” Album Review

I give this album a 7/10 :) I love all the tracks, but there were so many remixes. Not a bad thing, but I wish there were more new tracks.

01. Intro – I’ve always loved all the intros to the albums :) I wish there were full songs though omggg. The melody sounds so sweet :)

02. Round and Round – This was released today after “Without You” and I’m kinda sad they’re promoting this because I really loved ‘Without You” ! but then this would be a more interesting music video. I love the song but some parts got me so confused and I can’t even tell where the chorus is but it’s catchy (: and the beginning where they say “u-kiss” was pretty cool.

03. What – I like the beats, it’s very good for grooving in the club. I love Kevin’s voice even if it’s auto tune. I’m not a huge super fan for U-Kiss so I can’t tell the members’ voices apart but I have a feeling not all of them had a part in the song. ): I love the rapping parts with Alexander and Eli.

04. Bang Bang Bang – Lmao this reminded me of Lady Gaga ! This song gives me a dirty vibe lol. And the lyrics remind me of Lady Gaga’s song and how she says “pokerface” and “magic stick”

05. Dancing Floor – I like the vocals in this song. For some reason, the voices sounded like it belonged to Dongho haha.

06. Man Man Ha Ni Remix – mmmmmm I miss this song so I’m glad they included it in here and it’s a remix (: I love remixes lol. The beginning sounded so cool. Everything else is pretty much the same only slowed down. Eli’s rap sounded so cool with the extra beat.

07. Ok Remix – I don’t think i’ve ever heard this song but it’s so familiar. I love the chorus but now I’m feeling like I should watch the original version !

08. Talk to Me Remix – I love this song :) the remix version sounds slower though.

09. I like You Remix – This remix sounds nothing like the real thing :O but I love it. I love the beginning where they seperate the lines out more. It makes the song seem so long though.

10. Not Young Remix – This was their debut song (: The remix sounds more cheery :D The chorus sounds so good.

11. Give it to Me Remix – I’ve never heard this song either ):

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