Posted by: blooeyblooh | 2010/02/03

100203 Seoul Music Awards

Credit: kpopfun @ youtube

LQ version D:

I love the little dance break they did, and Hae did his pelvic thrust ahhh. lol it’s so tight to see all of them dancing to Super Girl ! I can’t see their faces, I’m so sad. Yesung sounds really good singing with Hae. Wook’s little new hairstyle doesn’t look good ): Eunhyuk’s wearing a hat, so maybe new hairstyle ?!?!?!? I really miss Hankyung and the parts without him just sounds weird. I wish Zhou Mi and Henry could’ve attended. I love how everyone grooving along by the end of the song.

They do the remix of Sorry Sorry. I wish they just did the original. GAWD, they zoom out and that’s so not cool. Teuk’s hair is all tied up. Lol at Taewoo grooving along.I spot some SM love. :) omg Sungmin needs a desperate haircut. It looked like Hae knew his mic was acting weird and it wasn’t working like the whole time ):

Happy birthday our favorite super junior magnae, Kyuhyun ! <3

2PM (Heartbeat)

They get to perform this again :) OH MY GAWD TAECYEON COMES ALL IN CHAINS AND OMGG SHIRTLESS ABS AB ABS *O* Chansung omggg idk what to feel right now. lol Wooyoung was in that jacket but the little eyecovers he had one looked pretty innocent. Junsu looked realyyyyy hot. I was wondering what kind of “trap” he was in lmao. He wears a mask with some longgg hair and runs everywhere. Lol. I love their suits. Khun finally appears, OMGGG HE GOT A HAIRCUT (: He’s a dreamy boy so he gets a violin and pretend plays it. (: Junho takes off his outer layer, omgg is he going to take this off?! They’re in the light now and I see they all got their hair trimmed, yay.

t-ara (Bo peep bo peep)

I’m so addicted to this song :O Where’s Mir and Key to dance this? :) Poor Eunjung, her shirt was slipping off and she kept having to tug it. Lol at the backup dancer !

Brown Eyed Girls (Abracadabra)

MMMMM REMIX (: I love their outfits, it reminds me of Genie lol.

Kang Jang Hoon & Super Junior

Kang Jang Hoon is like a famous  rock and roll guy. They dance all cutely and they zoom into SNSD like a couple of times and you see Hyo all bouncing up and down.

Kara (Mister)

I like the little dance they did in the beginning. Hara looks so awkward lol. Famous butt dance is back !!! I like their outfits. Gyuri looks so pretty. Is that their first time with backup? I’ve never noticed they had any.

SHINee (Ring ding dong,Juliette)

I haven’t heard Juliette in so long (: They should sing this to Yoogeun :D Key has so much makeup on. he looks like he dyed it a bit of orange too but it looks pretty cool. Their backup dancers seem so bundled up. Leeteuk’s smile ! he and Hae seem to be close to each other throughout the whole show.

SNSD (Gee, Oh!)

Aw they’re never doing Genie again ): a photo of them come flashing, no wait, it’s them ! omg Seohyun’s hair ! they killed it. Super Junior dances to their song (: Hyo’s voice is so lovely, she needs more parts. Tae looks so tired, and her hair isn’t pretty either.

I’m addicted to Oh! Yuri’s mic seemed like it wasn’t working.

Baek Ji Young & Taec (My Ear’s Candy)

Yay, she put her hair down. She flies down from a little swing and the song begins. She looks nice. She has so many backup people lol. I love what Taec’s wearing. She sounds really good and he sounds good too. Junsu looks so happy watching haha. The green/yellow light was pretty annoying. Dude, whoever sits in the way back has such a bad view.

Beast (bad girl, mystery)

Aw, MBLAQ DIDN’T ATTEND D: But Beast did a really good job. I love their vocals. I like the acapella version of Bad Girl lol.

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