Posted by: blooeyblooh | 2010/02/05

100205 Music Bank

U-Kiss (Round and Round) – U-Kiss comeback !!!

I’m so excited, I can’t wait to push the play button. I didn’t get to watch the mv before watching the live so I have no clue.  Kevin’s hair, ahhhhh he cut it and now it looks like my hair. The stage is so bright and flashy. Kevin’s so hot ahhh, I love the binggeul binggeul moments ! Eli’s hair reminds me of Taec’s now. Ahhh Dongho’s hair is blonde now! Alexander’s hair looks like Key’s haha.

Congrats to SNSD for winning this week :)

2AM (Won’t let you go even if I die) – They look so serious and their voices are so dreamy. Changmin’s shirt is a little bit lowcut today. I can totally see the defining line between his moobs. Changmin’s eyes seem so water like even before the 2 minute mark, he starts crying and then you see the little stream of water come down ): he’s so passionate and his voice is still so good.

After School (When I fall) – I’m disappointed that Raina’s getting the spotlight and she has like most of the lines. She’s even sitting in the middle. She just debuted, and we all know she has a good voice but everyone else has a sweet voice too. I wish everyone got evenly split parts ):

SNSD (Oh!) – I like the outfits now, weirdly. Congrats to them again for winning but I feel bad that C.N Blue never got to.

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